Dixon IL In Home Care

  • Non-Medical ServicesMEAL PREPARATION. PEAK homemakers can help plan menus, shop for food, prepare meals and ensure their client follows the proper diet, especially one that is prescribed. As in all activities client participation is welcomed and encouraged to whatever degree they are able.
  • LAUNDRY. Doing the laundry may mean bringing clean laundry up a flight of stairs to be folded or hung in a closet to doing it from start to finish. As with other household chores, we do things “their way” to keep routines and habits as close to what clients would do themselves.
  • HOUSEKEEPING. PEAK homemakers can do the everyday household chores that for many become a challenge like changing bed linens, dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors or cleaning the kitchen or bathroom. We also help with reorganizing or seasonal decorating/storage.
  • TRANSPORTATION/ERRANDS/SHOPPING. PEAK provides clients with incidental transportation for social activities, shopping, medical, and dental or other appointments. Clients may choose either to go along or stay at home for shopping, picking up prescriptions or running other errands. Errands can also be done while clients are at appointments for efficient use of time.




Dixon IL: Over 30 years of professional nursing & caregiver services makes PEAK your first choice when you need nursing care in your home. An initial nursing assessment and regular follow up visits are included at no additional cost. A plan of care is developed with the primary physician to produce the plan of treatment that will be followed at each visit for the duration of the service, monitored and modified as necessary as conditions change.

Certified Nursing Service – CNA
Hourly, Overnight, or around the clock specially trained and supervised state-certified nursing assistants can duplicate nursing home care in the safety and comfort of home.

PERSONAL CARE: Includes all personal hygiene tasks. Full bed bath or shower for those
unable to perform any bathing on their own.
INCONTINENCE CARE: Monitoring fluid intake and diet, and timed voiding to develop bladder training all help to avoid accidents, embarrassment, and potential infection and skin breakdown.
NUTRITION/FEEDING: We can assist their meals or feed them if they have difficulty managing utensils. We will make sure prescribed diets, food preparation is followed. Balanced meals, caloric intake or weight control are all facets of good health practice and condition management. PEAK can also plan menus and do shopping if needed.
HYDRATION: Becoming dehydrated can lead to serious consequences and disease. We will ensure that patients receive regular and sufficient fluids with scheduled intake and adjustment for activity.
TRANSFERS AND MOBILITY: Hands-on assistance for balance and safety, proper foot placement, managing walkers or canes are part of mobility assistance. Transfers from prone or sitting position, in and out of bed or chair, in and out of shower and in bathroom. Gait belts and mechanical lifts may be utilized in the home.
RESTORATIVE CARE: Follow-up care and rehabilitation through exercises or activity to get to an optimal functional level.
DEMENTIA CARE: Specialized care techniques for individuals with Alzheimer’s or other dementias to keep consistent routine and activities. Specially trained in communication, behavior management and under supervision by Registered nurse.
BEDSIDE CARE: Comfort and safety and prevention of complications for a patient unable to get out of bed. Vitals, repositioning, bathing, toileting, all personal care needs.
VITALS: CNA’s check body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. Skin, pain levels overall condition or abilities will also be noted and documented with nurse follow up if necessary.