Wellness And Personal Safety


Peace of mind is knowing someone is making sure a loved one is safe. PEAK’s professional care staff can check in by phone, in person or a combination of both. Ideal for families too far away for personal visits.

PEAK’s professional, experienced care staff can check-in weekdays, evenings or weekends by phone, in person or a combination of both.

It’s easy to start, easy to manage or change at any time. PEAK’s safety protocol (including an on-call Registered Nurse) and regular communication can identify potential problems, unsafe conditions in the home or even a potential medical crisis.

  • Choose time & day for phone call or visit
  • Personal visit up to 30 minutes
  • Affordable. Billed monthly
  • Month to month contract with no penalty for cancellation or changes
  • Safety protocol
  • Regular reporting of conditions and concerns

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